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High Quality Air Cleaning Equipment and Cleanroom Air Shower

Kwang air shower for dust removal is especially designed as an entry and exit barrier for controlled contamination areas.

The fully automated cabin aids the entry and exit of personnel in bio-security laboratories, animal rooms and SPF areas. The equipment is designed according to all European safety standards and with the CE mark. It can also be easily adapted to clean room construction systems or any other type of modular construction. The shower has glass doors closed with safety systems for unlocking from inside and outside. The cabin has a ventilation system consisting of the fan system to guarantee the drying cycle when the shower cycle is complete. The shower cycles can be programmed.

High Quality Air Cleaning Equipment and Cleanroom Air Shower

Custom manufacturer of Air Cleaning Equipment for reducing contaminants. Serves the aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, chemical, commercial, electronic, food, fiber optic, HVAC, life science, medical, pharmaceutical, research and development, semiconductor and textile industries.

Kwang Air Cleaning Equipment Air Shower Features:

1, Automatic control operation with interlock design, the system is equipped with photoelectric sensor. 

2, main body is made of stainless steel.

3, LED control panel, working time is adjustable.

4 Air shower system: The air shower blows off the dust on the surface of people or objects and circulates and purifies it through the air filter.

5, Door hinges: side-opening door hinges, do not shake or deform.

6, Power indicator light: when the power is connected, the red light is on; when there is no power, the indicator light is off.

7, Working indicator light: green light is on when the air shower is working; when it stops working, the indicator light is off.

8, Emergency stop button: Press the button when an emergency situation requires the equipment to stop working. When the emergency is released, turn the button to unscrew, and the equipment will restart.

9, Stainless steel handle: stainless steel double handles, round tube smooth surface design, reduce collision injuries.

10, Air shower nozzle: stainless steel nozzle, improve the purification effect, not easy to oxidize and corrode.

11, Fan: Super-powered centrifugal fan, with more power and better blowing effect.

Air Cleaning Equipment Air Shower Technical Parameters

Kwang KW-AS Series Air Shower Spec Sheet
MaterialAvailable in 100% SUS304 Stainless Steel and/or High-Quality 1.2 mm Cold-Rolled Steel Plate
Air Shower Time0- 99s (Adjustable)
Number of Nozzle12(Two Sides)24(Two Sides)36(Two Sides)48(Two Sides)
Mouth Diameter of NozzleΦ30mm
Air Velocity> 25 m/s
Door CloserDorma (German) Door Closer
Electronic LockLCJ Electronic Lock
Filter Efficacy≥99.995% of Particles ≥0.3μm
Control PanelSUS304 frame, LCD display, PLC control system
High Efficiency AirFilter Size(mm)600 × 600 × 120
Exterior Size(mm)1400 x 1000
x 2100
1400 x 2000
x 2100
1400 x 3000
x 2100
1400 x 4000
x 2100
                  Interior Size(mm)          800 x 900
x 1960
800 x 1900
x 1960
800 x 2900
x 1960
800 x 3900
x 1960
Power Source380V, 50HZ, we can made nonstandard voltage for different country
Lighting1 Recessed LED2 Recessed LED3 Recessed LED4 Recessed LED
Maximum PowerConsumption1.1KW2.2KW3.3KW4.4KW

The Air Cleaning Equipment air shower has a knock-down design that allows ease-of-installation and flexibility in use. The air shower can be shipped knowcked down or completely assembled. When it is shipped knock-down all parts fit through a standard door. All service to the blower, motor and filters is done from inside the air shower. The unit also offers an optional design that allows all the installation assembly to be done from inside the air shower.

Kwang Purification offers everything you need to create an ISO compliant controlled environment including softwall cleanrooms, hardwall cleanroom, air shower, pass box, clean bench and more air cleaning equipments.

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