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Air Shower Room Health and Safety Management

Safety technical measures

1. Conscientiously implement the requirements of the company's occupational health and safety management system, and adhere to the policy of "safe construction, pre-control first".

2. In accordance with the requirements of the "Occupational Health and Safety Management Plan" of the Project Department.

3. Do a good job in the safety education of employees when entering the field, and hold a good pre-shift safety meeting.

4. Wear a safety helmet when entering the scene.

5. High-heeled shoes, plastic-soled shoes and other slippery shoes are not allowed to enter the scene.

6. During the trial operation of the equipment, if there is any fault, stop for inspection and try again after the fault is eliminated.

Air Shower Room Health and Safety Management

Civilized construction measures for air shower room:

1. Sequential operation-construction in accordance with procedures, reasonable operation sequence, no rework, waste or hindrance to other project operations due to process reversal, clear operation plan, organized personnel and organization arrangements, no confusion, no waste of work.

2. Unblocked roads and electricity-the construction is arranged properly, no incidents of cutting off or blocking the on-site traffic arteries will occur, and the normal electricity use order on the site will not be affected.

3. The materials are neat and tidy-the equipment, materials, and components brought out during the construction are neatly stacked, which does not affect the traffic of the construction site, and has proper storage and protection measures, so that they will not be lost or damaged.

4. Hygiene and sanitation-the engineering work site and the inside and outside of the plant should always be kept hygienic.

5. The machinery is clean and tidy-the machinery and vehicles used in the project are well maintained, clean in appearance, free of dirt and dust. Machinery and vehicles are parked neatly and equipped with protective facilities.

Parameters of environmental protection measures for air shower room:

1. On-site waste should be stacked at the location designated by the project department.

2. The equipment packaging boxes that arrive at the scene should not be thrown randomly, and should be stacked at the designated location.

3. Do not ignite anywhere on site to prevent fire.

4. On-site transportation equipment must not damage the surrounding environment and existing buildings.

5. Electricity should be saved for on-site construction and office.

The air shower is a necessary passage for people to enter the clean room. It can reduce the pollution problems caused by entering and exiting the clean room, and reduce the large amount of dust particles caused by the entry and exit of people and goods. A fully functional "air lock" is installed at the entrance of the clean room. The “room” can reduce the number of air pollution particles. When people and goods pass through the air shower, the pollution particles are shot out by highly-filtered and highly clean air. The high wind speed of 25m/s or more ensures effective injection and drift of particles through the initial effect And the high efficiency two-stage filter basically filters out.

In order to maintain the safe use of air showers, maintain the cleanliness of the clean room environment.

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