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What is a cleanroom services

A cleanroom, sometimes referred to as a cleanroom or a clean-room, is a controlled environment, usually used for the manufacturing of products or the testing of laboratory procedures. The point to cleanroom services is to control the concentration of airborne particles and sub-atomic contamination to a specific limit.

What is a cleanroom services

Controlling contamination in a cleanroom comes down to controlling the total environment of the entire room. Temperature, air flow, pressurization, humidity and filtration all need to be carefully controlled in a cleanroom. Services within and around the room need to be strictly regulated. Cleanrooms can often be found within the pharmaceutical, electronic, medical device and research industries.

Once a cleanroom has been created, it has to be maintained at rigorously high standards. Even a minuscule particle – 300 times smaller in diameter than a human hair – can cause a potential disaster within a clean-room. Professional cleanroom services and products are required to continue to operate the room at professional standards.

There are literally dozens of potential contaminants that can enter a cleanroom and compromise the environment. Most contaminants stem from the people working within the cleanroom and the products being manufactured within it. Some of the most common include:• Air conditioning or filtration debris

Skin cells and bodily oils

Cosmetics and perfumes



Cleaning chemicals

What is a cleanroom services

Our cleanroom certification program offers individualized performance evaluations tailored to each projects unique requirements including such specific services as temperature and humidity profile surveys, vibration analysis both mechanical and structural, air quality testing, and precision filter integrity testing (pre-installation bench testing or in-place scan testing) employing Polystyrene Latex Sphere (PSL) filter challenges and completely automated computerized robotic filter scanning systems. Project reports are prepared with both field and office AUTO-CAD systems accurately and promptly with the aid of interaction between testing instrumentation and interfaced data collection equipment.

On every level, our company is committed to delivering the highest quality test and certification program in the industry at the most competitive price available. We are driven to be a world class organization that provides associated services to a broad range of industries. Please feel free to contact us for your free quote today!

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