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Advantages Of Automatic High Speed Doors

The growth of the industry in recent years has contributed to the evolution of the market for automatic high speed doors, which guarantee safety, efficient access to industrial facilities and greater agility in production processes.


These automatic high speed doors can be installed in the most diverse industrial segments, such as: food distribution centers, railways, construction, among others.

Every day, dozens of people enter and leave these types of buildings and it is therefore essential to keep industrial environments isolated and allow quick, easy and safe access to them.

To choose the ideal type of door for your industry, it is necessary to know some characteristics, such as:

What are the dimensions of the passage span?

What goes through the span? Only people or do vehicles, like forklifts, pass?

The environment in which the door will be installed: indoors, outdoors, or both?

Space with negative temperature?

According to the answers, it will be possible to direct the type of automatic high-speed doors most suitable for your industry.

Keep reading the article, to know some of the advantages of automatic high speed doors for the industry.

Advantages and benefits of automatic high speed doors

1 – More security for people and goods

Automatic high speed doors offer operational practicality and offer devices such as sensors, locks and photocells, which detect the presence of people or objects – an important factor for the industry, which thus has no problems with the improper closing of doors that can cause accidents.

In this way, it is possible to guarantee the safety of employees, the flow of movement and the preservation of goods and materials.

2 – Separation of environments and saving of space

In order to simplify the workflow, the industrial space needs to be designed to include the separation of different work environments, according to the activities that are carried out.

With automatic high speed doors, you only need space to place the safe and the side legs. This is an added value, as it will not take up space in the passage span.

3 – Hygiene and isolation of spaces

Whether as a high-speed door for freezing areas or as a reducer of energy consumption in production and distribution, the doors can be closed with high insulation.

In addition to improving safety and saving space, they exponentially increase the hygiene conditions of the premises.

High-speed doors are designed in easy-to-clean materials, with a smooth surface and no porosity. This allows cleaning to be done quickly and successfully.

4 – Agility in production processes

Less maintenance, more durability, more cost-effective.

The flow and movement of people is simpler, which also reduces the risk of accidents, especially with machines such as forklifts, which with this option end up moving more easily in industrial spaces.

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