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Air Shower Wind Speed Size And Air Shower Dust Removal Effect

Is there a relationship between the size of the wind speed of the air shower room and the dust removal effect of the air shower? There is a little difference between the size of the wind speed of the air shower room and the dust removal effect of the air shower, but there are many reasons for the dust removal effect of the air shower, such as the use of the site are related. With the research results of the air shower room, the air shower wind speed can only be above 20m/s, the air shower dust removal efficiency can almost reach a greater value, the wind speed is increased on this basis, the air shower dust removal efficiency changes very little. Air shower wind speed can be adjusted to ≥ 22 ~ 25m/s, different particle size of dust, in the same wind speed, the larger the particle size, the better the dust removal effect.What Is Air Shower Specifications

Air Shower Wind Speed Size And Air Shower Dust Removal Effect

Air shower room wind speed size in practice, because the air shower room is in the clean area and non-clean area between, and the use of frequent, two-level filter resistance rise faster, so although most of the initial wind speed of the air shower more than 20m / s, but the use of a period of time, the wind speed will be reduced, dust removal efficiency will drop sharply.Cleanroom Air Shower and Pass-through Box

In addition, the size of the wind speed that air shower room manufacturers say usually refers to the wind speed at the nozzle outlet, and the wind speed at the surface of the human body or goods is much lower.

So we suggest from the technical point of view: for the new air shower room, its initial wind speed should not be lower than 25m/s, and better than 28m/s, in order to achieve the air shower effect we want.

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Air purification equipment product quality assurance.

1、The air purification equipment and air filter products produced by our company have been domestic.

2in order to meet the high quality requirements of customers for clean room, each air purification equipment produced by our company has been strictly inspected by our quality inspectors, in line with product quality standards before leaving the factory; air filters are produced and tested in the standard 10,000 class clean room.

3、After the products are delivered and accepted, our company will establish an independent file for your company and the products ordered, so that we can provide you with quality and timely service for a long time.

4、Product packaging: wooden box or carton packaging.

5、Shipping method: freight.

6、Delivery time: 5 working days from the date of receipt of payment after the signing of the contract, the production will be completed.

7the company produces air purification equipment and air filters can provide long-term support.

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