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What are the available air shower designs and configurations

Kwang offers standard cleanroom air shower and tunnel configurations plus countless customizable options for any application. The most popular and economical air shower design is the standard 2 door straight configuration, with the blower module mounted on-top of the enclosure.Cleanroom Air Shower and Pass-through Box

What are the available air shower designs and configurations

Below is a list of common configurations and options. Call or chat with a product specialist to find the optimal solution for your unique requirements:

Custom floor plans, including 90º turns and U-shaped chambers (see examples below)

3-door configurations to connect multiple rooms.Air Shower Room-Why the Market Price Varies Greatly

Low profile air shower designs with side-mounted blowers for ceilings as low as 96”

Disassembled knock-down air shower configurations for easier shipping and transfer through space-restricted areas like small doorways or narrow hallways.How to Choose Your Air Shower Room

All-stainless steel air shower designs (chamber, doors, nozzles) for aseptic applications requiring frequent wipe downs

Air shower pass through designs for transferring carts and other smaller equipment.

Third-party UL or ETL safety certification for high voltage equipment

Hygienic hands-free automatic doors

Electronic interlocking and connection to building management system (BMS) for remote control

Keycard readers or hands-free iris scanners for secure access

ADA compliant air showers for wheelchair access

Explosion-proof air shower designs for facilities with flammable substances.How HEPA Filters Benefit Cleanroom Workers

ESD-safe ionizers are ideal for static sensitive applications and help more effectively dislodge particles attached by electrical forces such as static cling.

Raised flooring to optimize laminar flow and more effectively sweep away loose contaminants

Bumpers mounted on the interior walls to protect nozzles from carts

Mobile air shower designs on a raised pallet can be quickly moved via forklift and re-installed where it's needed.

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