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Air Shower Room-Why the Market Price Varies Greatly

Five years ago, if you asked the wind shower room, many people might say that they have never heard of it or have seen it occasionally. 

Nowadays, if you mention the air shower, many people will tell you that this thing has been used before, and even many people can tell the principle, the difference in quality, and even discuss with you which are brand manufacturers and which aspects It can determine the quality and quality of the product, and the price is as precious as it is, and it is right.

Air Shower Control Panel

Indeed, after nearly ten years of development, dust-free workshops and purification workshops cannot be said to be household names in the industry, but it is not an exaggeration to say that everyone knows them well. Because the purification workshop has been widely used in various industries such as medicine, food, electronics, packaging, and chemical industry. One of the most significant equipment in the clean room is the air shower room. 

The main purpose of the air shower room is to blow soot and buffer. It is installed at the entrance of the clean room to block external dust pollution from the outside, even It is believed that the air shower room is an important goalkeeper in the clean room, and the level of the door closer will affect the cleanliness, use and management of the clean room.

Due to the vicious competition in the market, the air shower room has shown a phenomenon of low price and inferior quality. Perhaps this is a necessary stage before the shuffling of all industries. Then, what factors will affect the quality of the air shower room? When users choose How should we know the key factors of selection? The following editor will select a few key points for you to explain.

Air Shower Room-Why the Market Price Varies Greatly

1. Material of the air shower room: First of all, there are three mainstream materials of color steel plate, steel plate type air shower room and stainless steel air shower room. Among them, color steel plates are basically no longer in use due to poor quality. The steel plate air shower mainly depends on the thickness of the material and the process of painting. Some on the market use a material thickness of 0.8-1.0, which is thin and easy to deform. Generally, it is recommended that the steel plate material is 1.2mm or above. In spray molding, many manufacturers spray themselves or go to small manufacturers. One of the most important aspects of this is the need for pickling and phosphating. Many manufacturers have not undergone pickling and phosphating in order to save costs or spray plastic manufacturers. Without this step, the paint itself is difficult to adhere to the equipment. Long, it is easy to peel off the whole field.

The other main material is not stainless steel. There are many types of stainless steel. At present, 304 2B stainless steel is mainly used in the purification and pharmaceutical industries. This stainless steel is made of stainless steel with more than 9 nickel, which is not easy to rust and is corrosion resistant. However, many manufacturers on the market will use 201 stainless steel. The price is more than double the price of 304 stainless steel. For the thickness, many small manufacturers will also use a thickness of 0.8-1.0, which is also insufficient in thickness and strength. Yichun company generally adopts 1.2mm stainless steel production, and guarantees pure 304 stainless steel production.

2. Control system: Many manufacturers in the market use digital display systems, which are microcomputer circuit boards, which are inexpensive and relatively stable. Yichun adopts PLC control system, stainless steel control LCD blue screen panel and touch screen control system, and genuine Schneider control electrical components to ensure stable product quality. At the same time, encryption measures are adopted for the keyboard to prevent employees from arbitrarily setting and changing the system setting time.

3. Electronic interlocking: The electronic interlocking is one of the most important original accessories in the air shower room. The air shower room lacking the interlock cannot be called the air shower room in the strict sense, because it cannot be forced to blow and cannot be used. Buffer effect. Some manufacturers on the market use self-made cathode locks, which have not undergone aging experiments, and are rough in processing and low precision. Since the electronic interlock of the air shower room is a frequently used component, the electronic lock of unreliable quality is likely to cause jamming, and the double doors cannot be opened and the personnel are locked inside.

4. Door closer: The door closer acts on the door to automatically close the door. Its principle is the hydraulic principle and automatically closes. Since every time the door is opened, the door closer will be activated once. Therefore, the frequency of a door closer per working day can even reach more than a hundred times. If a poor quality door closer can easily cause the door to fail to close or close tightly, these will affect the blowing and interlocking. At the same time, it is easy to deform the door frame after the door closer is pulled strongly, and it is easy to break the corner chain.

The quality of the workmanship also reflects the quality of the product. A good product is like a handicraft rather than a simple industrial product. At the same time, good workmanship makes it easy for users to look pleasing to the eye. The stable product performance makes the user department very worry-free, eliminating the trouble of frequent maintenance.

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