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What are some common air shower applications

An air shower is a self-contained enclosure that uses high velocity jets of HEPA filtered air to help decontaminate personnel and equipment prior to entering or exiting a controlled environment. The inside of the airshower is lined with multiple evenly distributed nozzles, pointed at various angles to optimize the air scrubbing process. The nozzles shoot concentrated streams of class 100 micro-filtered air to shake off and wash away loose particles and other contaminants clinging to the surface of personnel or equipment.Electric Floor Clean Machine Driving Dust Cart KW-C48

What are some common air shower applications

Operating as a closed-loop system, the particle-laden air is vacuumed out through exit vents along the bottom of the air shower. The air passes through pre-filters to capture larger particles before being pushed by the fan blower through HEPA or ULPA filters to capture remaining smaller particle contaminants. The pressurized filtered air then recirculates through the nozzles to continue the cleaning process.Blow Molding Film Cleanroom

Decontamination air showers are used across many industries in facilities with different policies and cleanliness requirements. The most common industries include semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biological, industrial, and food/beverage.Double Person Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench

In most cases, air showers are used to protect sensitive products/procedures inside a controlled environment, such as a cleanroom, from microscopic contaminants carried in by personnel. For cleanroom or lab applications, most facilities place an air shower at the entrance to a gowning room to reduce contaminants carried or generated by street clothes, prior to garbing with cleanroom apparel. These contaminants include fine particles such as dust that can ruin sensitive electronics, and also biological contaminants such as infectious fungus spores that can ruin sensitive plant crops or other cell cultures. Other facilities position air showers between the gowning area and the cleanroom, for workers to enter after they complete the garbing process. Cleanroom air showers and tunnels are also used to decontaminate equipment and other bulky materials (such as carts or loaded pallets) prior to entering a cleanroom.Hand-Push Rotary Floor Scrubber Machine KW-X550A

For manufacturing facilities or construction areas with excessive hazardous metallic or organic dusts (for example lead, silica, asbestos, or wood dust), decontamination air showers can be used at exits to remove the microscopic particles from personnel or equipment. This helps contain the dangerous dusts produced in the manufacturing area and protect people outside manufacturing from harmful exposure that can cause serious if not fatal diseases.Multifunctional Intelligent Electric Sweeping Machine KW-J2200Q

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