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Cleanroom Design and Customization

When designing a clean room, manufacturers focus on making sure that it is a space in which the environment is sufficiently controlled and particulates are sufficiently kept out. How they go about that depends on the application and its requirements. For example, clean rooms may be permanently established, or they may have a portable or modular design. Permanent clean rooms and the machines that regulate their conditions are usually incorporated into the structures of the buildings that house them. Sometimes, though, they are enclosed by clear plastic walls or glass instead.Requirements For Cleanroom Doors

Cleanroom Design and Customization

Manufacturers also customize their designs by size and material. Cleanrooms may be warehouse-sized, as they often are for microelectronics, circuitry, and pharmaceutical product manufacturing; these are called ballrooms. Alternatively, when built for small-scale medical testing, repairs, or limited, exclusive, or specialized operations, they may be only the size of home kitchen ovens.How Do Air Showers Fit Into A Contamination Reduction Plan

Selected materials have to meet the strict criteria so that the clean room can be effective. Namely, they cannot contribute to air contamination. Like softwall clean room materials, general cleanroom construction materials must be non-fibrous, non-static electricity-generating and non-corrosive. Even stainless steel is sometimes avoided, because it can corrode when exposed to bleach. Common materials from which clean room components are made include: acrylic (economical, easy to clean, tintable, great tensile strength), static dissipative PVC (protects against electrostatic discharge and particulate contamination), polycarbonate (high tensile strength, shatter resistant, acid resistant, cleaning solution resistant, solvent resistant), tempered glass (clear, broadly chemical resistant, non-porous, easy to clean) and polypropylene (superior chemical and acid resistance).Cleanroom Construction In Your Existing Structure

There is no end to the custom cleanroom supplies and accessories that manufacturers may add to your cleanroom system. Examples of these include: electric heaters, smoke detectors, intercoms, door interlocks, central vacuum systems, clean room foggers, ductwork, electrical outlets, process piping, top decks and more.Air Showers Information

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