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What Is A Clean Air Shower

Clean air shower definition: clean air shower is one of the clean room filtering bacteria and dust purification equipment, when the operator enters the clean room before, must use clean air blowing its clothes surface attached to the dust particles, and play the role of airlock. It is a kind of local purification equipment with strong versatility in which people or goods enter the clean area and the clean strong wind with high efficiency filtration is sprayed out by the fan through the air shower nozzle to blow away the dust adsorbed on the surface of people or objects.Industrial Rolling Shutter Garage Door

What Is A Clean Air Shower

Clean air shower is to use high efficiency air filter to filter the airflow, and then through the rotating nozzle from different directions to spray to the staff body and the top of the material, so as to be able to remove the dust on the surface of people and materials, and then with dust air through the primary and high efficiency air filter again after the cycle. The overall design of clean air shower is combined with power fluid science, inside is fully automatic infrared induction blowing shower, the whole process is humanized voice prompt operation. The use of double-door interlock, can not open the door or door at the same time, clean air shower in the work, double doors to close tightly, to carry out the mandatory blowing shower.Easy Install Prefabricated Folding Container House

Clean air shower is accompanied by the accelerated pace of industry, some industries requiring high cleanliness are increasingly changing, people are also increasingly coming to be sensitive to pathogenic bacteria, but now the industrial work environment to be in a high cleanliness space that nature can not reach, although now using a clean room or aseptic room and other equipment required for some sterile and dust-free purification projects, but there are still problems in staffs.

Because the staff is a big source of dust, so it is difficult to go out the dust and dirt attached to the staff when they enter the clean room or sterile room, so it is necessary to add the air jet dust removal equipment inside the air shower, which can strongly remove the dust and bacteria attached to the staff and clothes.How to Clean the Surface of 304 Stainless Steel Air Shower Room

The equipment in the clean air shower is generally the pre-filter, the main consideration network, the spraying mouth and the fan, and the filtering efficiency of the pre-filter is about 15%.

Clean air shower is mainly to remove the relatively coarse dust particles, and this filter can be washed with water or vacuum cleaner for dust washing; clean air shower main filter is mainly to filter dust above 0.3um, basically more than 99.99% filtration efficiency, but this filter material sector is very fragile, so in the event of blockage, to be reprocessed; paint spraying mouth is mainly In order to remove the dust particles attached to the human body, the effect he wants to achieve is to strip the particles; fan is mainly to clean the air circulation. The use of high static pressure fan, mainly in the jet and air circulation is used.Cleanroom Manufacturer Professional Cleanroom Installation

In general, the clean air shower is installed in the clean room or the entrance of the sterile room, and there can be no gap between the clean room wall plate. If there is air leakage, we should pay attention to the installation of the equipment. Generally, for the maintenance of the device in the clean air shower, it is necessary to clean it within a certain period of time according to the situation. Clean air shower for the front filter, can be cleaned with water or vacuum washing dust and other ways, generally every month of deterioration, to clean 2 to 3 times. If the main filter, it should be tested 2 to 4 times a year, and the clean room should decide whether the device should be changed according to the wind speed value or the pressure measurement value.

Clean air shower is a special channel specially set up for staff and materials to enter the clean room. The purpose is to reduce the dust and bacteria brought in when staff and materials enter the clean room, at the same time, is to play the role of airlock room sealed clean room. Generally, it can be used between all clean rooms and clean room packages.

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