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What Are The Places Where Air Showers Need To Be Installed?

Air showers are a way for employees to enter clean rooms and non-clean rooms. Through air shower room doors, goods entering and leaving the clean room can remove a large number of dust particles to ensure a clean room. Then, how to choose air shower room doors has become a difficult choice for companies.How to Choose Your Air Shower Room

What Are The Places Where Air Showers Need To Be Installed

The air shower room is installed between the clean room and the non-clean room. When people and goods enter the clean area, they need to be blown through the air shower. The clean air blown removes dust from people and goods, effectively blocking or reducing dust from entering the clean area. The front and back doors of the air shower door are electronically interlocked and can also be used as an airlock to prevent unpurified air from entering the clean area. The automatic control system of air shower room is mainly used for the active control of air shower, cargo shower and air shower. It can actively complete interlocking and unlocking of inner and outer doors; start and stop lighting; and actively sense the start and stop of human body and fan. The product has relevant voice prompts in the active process, with sensitive functions such as air shower time, front and rear door unlocking delay time, and dimmable light delay time.Benefits of Air Showers And How Air Showers Are Used

The role of air showers in various industries varies somewhat, but the main focus is the same; 1, installed at the entrance to the workshop to play a positive pressure. 2. allow people or goods through the air clean to reduce the dust entering the workshop. 3. better protect the workshop clean air quality, to meet the requirements of the production of products.Industrial Rolling Shutter Garage Door


The role of air shower in the food industry is to meet the air cleanliness of the production workshop, the internal air to form positive pressure; reduce the number of doors and gates in and out of the workshop to ensure that the environment does not form cross-contamination, people or goods into the vehicle for cleaning treatment, so as to meet the QS standard requirements to ensure product quality. The role of air showers in the automotive industry is to solve the problem of dust being brought into the paint shop by strong winds blowing on the outside surfaces, thus ensuring the surface quality of the vehicle during the oiling process.Air Shower Maintenance Precautions


The role of air showers in the cosmetic industry is to meet the requirements of GMP standards and to ensure the quality of the products when they are packaged. The role of air showers in the photovoltaic industry is to install dust at the entrance of the cleanroom to handle people or goods entering the cleanroom to ensure air cleanliness and quality.Cleanroom Air Showers: Everything You Need To Know


Air shower room infrared automatic induction air shower room means that after the infrared sensor and the other end of the light sensing is cut off, the whole intelligent circuit board system detects people standing in the sensing area to automatically start all the equipment, thus achieving automatic blowing system. Therefore, when using UVC germicidal light wind shower, not suitable for a long time to open the UVC germicidal light, and set the point switch to open the UVC germicidal light to protect the operator from harming the human body.Air Shower Cheap Price Food Industry Class 100 Clean Room

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