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What Is The Role Of Air Shower Room

The product of air shower room is currently used in all walks of life, and is a general air filtration and purification equipment, so what is the role of air shower room? Kwang Purification engaged in the air shower room industry for nearly 20 years, it can be said that a variety of air showers have been produced, and thousands of customers have been served. As we see many users are still searching for what is the use of the air shower room? This article is specially organized to take you to learn to understand what the role of the air shower room.Cleanroom Air Shower and Pass-through Box


The role of the air shower room has three points.

1, the role of dust removal.

Air shower room (AIR SHOWER) is also known as air shower, clean air shower room, purification air shower room,  blowing shower room, air shower door, air shower channel, air blowing shower room. The air shower room is a necessary passage to enter the clean room, which can reduce the pollution problem caused by entering and leaving the clean room.

Air shower room is a kind of local purification equipment with strong versatility, which is installed between clean room and non-clean room. When people and goods are to enter the clean area, they need to be blown through the air shower room, and the clean air blown out by it can remove the dust carried by people and goods, which can effectively block or reduce the dust source into the clean area. The front and rear doors of the air shower room/cargo shower room are electronically interlocked, which can also play the role of airlock to prevent the unpurified air from entering the clean area.Cleanroom Air Shower Price Cheap Factory direct sales

2、Sterilization effect.

The path of germ transmission includes droplet transmission, dust transmission, but droplet transmission, dust transmission are spread through the air medium, the air shower room itself comes with air purification filtration system, built-in high efficiency filter, filtration level: H13 (MPPS), filtration efficiency: 99.99%@0.3um,primary filter, filtration efficiency: G4 level (weight counting method), secondary filter, can effectively block the spread of germs.Fast Rolled Shutter Door Cargo Air Shower Room

3、Disinfection effect.

Due to the impact of the new crown virus epidemic, the supply of air showers basically exceeds the demand, and the previous stock is swept away, most of the air showers are supplied to hospitals, mask factories, medical equipment factories, etc.Dust-free Clean Room Modular Cleanroom with Free Design Supplier

Due to time, the role of the air shower room is briefly organized for the reference of beginners or first-time users, if there are unknown matters, please contact us.

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