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How Do Air Showers Work?

A cleanroom provides a controlled environment in which companies can produce contaminate-free products. Air showers are a vital component of maintaining that clean environment. They protect the cleanroom by using high-velocity jets of air to remove loose particles of contamination from people and products before entering a cleanroom, thereby reducing product defects and increasing production yields. 

The cleanroom itself will require less maintenance because the contamination lead, or build up, will be at a lower level. Cleanroom high-efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA) filters are going to last longer because of the air shower system. WIthout the pre-cleaning performed by air showers, the main cleanroom air filtration would absorb the entire contamination load, resulting in the increased energy consumption and maintenance costs.What is the classification of clean room?

How do Air Showers Work

Air showers are self-contained, air recirculation systems installed at entrances to cleanrooms and other controlled environments to reduce cleanroom contamination as workers enter the clean production space. Their operation is similar to a pressure washer system at an automated car wash. For example, a car enters the wash chamber, doors close at both ends, and high pressure streams of water from all angles blast the particles of dirt from the car. The cleaning cycle ends, a light comes on and the exit door opens.How To Choose Cleanroom Walls

With the air shower, a worker passes through the entry door and a sensor activates interlock magnets which then close the door. High velocity streams of Class 100 filter air, from a large number of precisely placed, adjustable nozzles or vertical slots, is blown onto workers as they raise their arms and rotate in place. The high velocity air creates a flapping effect on the workers clothes which produces a “scrubbing” action, removing particulates from their cleanroom garments. Indicator lights then signal the end of the cleaning cycle and the cleanroom door is opened. Typically, it takes about 4 to 8 seconds for the cleaning time and then another 2 to 4 for the blower to wind down and give the air shower time to purge the contaminated air prior to the worker exiting. An adjustable microprocessor controls the cleaning and wait times.Main Components Of The Air Shower

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