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Difference Between Dynamic and Static Pass Box


Static pass box are normally used to transfer a particular material between two areas generally of different cleanliness levels. The boxes can be said to transfer the materials from a high level of cleanliness to a lower level of cleanliness or vice versa. The static pass box while transferring the material, help to prevent air from flowing from one area to another. Pass boxes are made of stainless steel which is powder-coated

Difference Between Dynamic and Static Pass Box

This Static pass box, & dynamic pass box also known as cleanroom pass box are very important so as to control air enviornment which is used to pass materials from controlled region to non controlled region and to transfer materials in clean enviornment. As, cleanrooms are being more pricesly required for any pharmecutical operations or laboratories tests, which helps in effective and controlled working. In short this pass box play vital role of passing materials & air from non cleaned to cleaned enviornment. This pass boxes are genrally made up of stainless steel which is powdered coated.

The dynamic pass box have buit up features almost similar like having a UV lights, mechanical interlocking for the doors, fluroescent lamps made from stainless steel.

However being with similar features they have different roles to be played;


Dynamic Pass Box works to transfer materials from uncontrolled enviornment to controlled enviornment. It works like airlock system or laminar air flow unit. Dynamic Pass Box is clear requirement for most of the work as it offers flexibility to transfer materials. Also, HEPA filter and other equipments for handling contaiminated air to achieve better results. Materials transfered via Dynamic Pass Boxes are generally, Goggles, Sampling Aids, Aspirator Container, Media Plates, Air Sampler, Tool Box, etc.


Static Pass Box is installed between clean and other room. This box has two doors on its both ends, where one door opens to clean room and another to other room. This doors are interlocked electrically so asto avoid direct entry of air from one room to another to protect enviornment inside.

Static Pass Box is ideal choice when ventilation is not required, that is used for moving non sensitive things via it. However Static Pass Box must not be used to transfer materials between clean and non clean rooms.

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