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How To Choose The Better Air Shower

In the field of air clean technology, it is vital to choose the right clean equipment. So how do we choose a cost-effective air shower? I believe that many demand users also have a headache, because there are many manufacturers of air showers, product quality varies, the price difference is also very large, from two or three thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, but the cheap manufacturers, also said that his air shower equipment performance is also very good, such as: steel plate production, microcomputer control, primary and high efficiency filtration, electronic interlock, in the end we should be how to distinguish it?


Features and advantages of KWang air shower.

Main body material

1.2mm thick steel plate electrostatic spraying treatment

Features: overall sheet metal, welding process, solid, no deformation, good sealing, strong integrity, life expectancy of up to 10 years or more


Special centrifugal fan

Features: big factory" production, after various strict tests, large air volume, high static pressure, stable performance, wind speed at the outlet to 25-30m/s. The decisive index of dust removal effect, as we all know, the wind is too small to blow away dust on the surface of people or goods


Regular manufacturers, strict testing, good materials and workmanship, microcomputer control, intelligent voice prompt, with fault status display


High efficiency filter with aluminum frame and no partition, double-sided guard, 99.99% filter efficiency (0.3um), not easy to be broken during installation

Door body

Door body material is all stainless steel, the upper part of tempered glass, the lower part of double stainless steel, beautiful, solid, durable, not easy to deformation, with ten or eight years is not a problem

Electronic components

Electronic components are also a reason why the equipment is prone to failure, first of all, we have to choose a good brand, the big brands are guaranteed, there is also neat workmanship, clear identification, but also the convenience of maintenance later

Hardware accessories

Do not underestimate these hardware accessories, as small as a screw can cause big problems, door locks, latches, handles are stainless steel, and the quality is bar, because we know that a small accessory is bad, the cost of after-sales brought higher

Factory test

Internationally renowned brands, imported inspection instruments, wind speed, noise, cleanliness is the basic test, quality assurance, layers of gate-keeping, testing to produce quality


After the completion of the product to establish files, regular tracking service, normal Use free warranty for one year

Air shower as a clean room iconic equipment, is the clean room portal, is also the clean room facade, choose a fashionable appearance, stable performance of the air shower, not only the need to use, but also represents the company's image, at the same time It also reflects the importance a company attaches to the quality of the clean room.

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