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Air Shower Installation Guidance Instructions

Air shower is installed between non-clean area and clean area, the purpose is to isolate and buffer the clean area and non-clean area, and at the same time blow off the dust and hair on the surface of the personnel entering the clean area to avoid bringing the pollution source into the clean area, so as to ensure that the products in the clean area can achieve sterile and dust-free production. The air shower is generally shipped as a whole, and the finished product can be used after connecting electricity to the customer's site. However, some customers cannot enter the whole machine because of the site restrictions, and such air showers need to be installed on site. The air shower is mainly divided into the following components: air shower bottom plate, air shower box on both sides, air shower top plate, door and electrical control parts and other parts.

Air Shower Installation Guidance Instructions How To Install The Air Shower

Air shower installation guidance instructions

(1) Air shower base plate is generally made of stainless steel square tube, thickness 40MM, the base plate is the whole composition, first of all, the air shower base plate is placed at the air shower installation position. Air shower base plate does not need to be fixed with the ground, completely by its own weight can be kept stable. The general single air shower is 350KG, and the double air shower is about 650KG. 

(2) Place the air shower side box body on both sides of the base plate, and fix the side box body and the base plate with self-tapping screws or rivets at the bottom, and pay attention to the position of the base plate and the side box body here. 

(3)After both sides of the side compartment fixed, then the top compartment will be installed and connected to both sides of the compartment, here you need to pay attention to the verticality of the upper and lower, need to be measured uninterruptedly to ensure that the upper and lower parts of the frame size is exactly the same. 

(4) after the completion of the overall framework, and then the door installation, door and door frame are made of stainless steel square tube and stainless steel, hinges using three stainless steel hinges reinforced, the original door frame and door panel has been installed by the manufacturer before leaving the factory. At this point only need to fix the hinges in the side of the air shower compartment body can be. If the door is installed after the gap between the door frame and the box body is not flush with friction, then because the ground is not level and lead to this step does not need to adjust the door frame, only the lower part of the wind shower vertical correction, the wind shower bottom plate pad can be level. Can be repeatedly debugged four corners plus shims, once the pad flat, the door body will be completely neat with the box gap. 

(5) installation of air shower lights and electrical appliances, air shower electrical appliances for fast socket pieces, just need to plug the corresponding socket, Lux Jian electric lock, infrared photoelectricity, lighting fixture interface to the corresponding interface can be. 

(6) power: air shower for the three-phase five-wire system, three fire, a ground, a zero wire. If the wind is very small after connecting to the power supply, generally for the fan reversal. Just need to swap any one of the three fire wire position, you can use normally. 

(7) air shower control panel for the LCD blue screen display, and with screen protection.

Air shower use series is generally divided into human air shower, cargo air shower, air shower channel, cargo shower channel, blowing shower way is divided into top blowing shower, single side blowing shower, double side blowing shower, etc.; automation degree also has intelligent voice, automatic, explosion-proof, rolling shutter door and so on many kinds, with the continuous improvement of science and technology, its intelligent system will also be more perfect, according to the production needs, box shape size, etc. can be customized according to demand, choose suitable air shower To install.

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