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What Are The Easily Damaged Parts Of The Air Shower

The air shower is the necessary purification equipment for the personnel to enter the clean room clean workshop, which is universal and can be used with all clean rooms and clean plants. Users in the selection of air shower, should be clear what air shower vulnerable parts, in order to buy later to choose and maintain.

What Are The Easily Damaged Parts Of The Air Shower

The following small introduction to the air shower easily damaged parts, for your reference when choosing the air shower.

I. Material.

Market mainstream materials for steel plate baking paint and 304 stainless steel, a little worse with 201 stainless steel, color steel plate and sandwich stainless steel plate, aluminum plastic plate, etc..

2. the door.

The current mainstream for the steel plate door and stainless steel door; strongly discourage the use of color steel plate, aluminum alloy door frame, it is easy to crack and deformation.

3. photoelectric switch.

Generally recommended to choose Omron or Otto Nix brand, do not choose a small brand manufacturers, which is the key part of the air shower blowing, poor quality is very unstable;.

4. the control circuit board.

It is recommended to choose PLC, thermal relays, air switch class recommended to choose Schneider, or at least choose the domestic Chint brand, do not choose a small business, quality is difficult to guarantee, bad is also difficult to buy the right model replacement;.

5. the air shower electric lock:

air shower interlock is an important guarantee of the interconnection lock of the air shower, no electronic interlock of the air shower is not up to the standard of QS certification; electric lock is currently on the market many enterprises are their own production, relatively speaking, the quality can not be guaranteed. Generally, regular manufacturers are choosing LCJ Rexjian electric lock, Rexjian electric lock is the first brand in the domestic electric lock industry, should be guaranteed.

So the cost of the air shower and the choice of accessories has a great relationship, generally want to control the cost of the enterprise way in addition to management, can only be in the material efforts, so it is recommended that customers should choose a solid, brand manufacturers, such as the choice of Kwang purification air shower equipment, they have many years of production experience, beautiful prices, quality assurance.

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