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Cleanroom Door Design Technical Parameters

Cleanroom door design double doors or multi-door linkage is set to prevent the entry of sand, dust, mosquitoes and other insects generated by air convection after the doors are opened, in this case, the doors are always closed for the workshop, because door A must be closed for door B to be opened, and vice versa.Industrial Rolling Shutter Garage Door

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Cleanroom door design application

Clean room automatic door is applicable to different types and levels of clean rooms, sterile rooms, restrooms, changing rooms, airlock rooms and other kinds of room doors in the field of microelectronics, optical and magnetic technology, biological engineering, medical and health care, electronic machinery, food hygiene, fine chemical industry, etc. It is the upgraded replacement product of traditional purification filter door, which really has the advantage of popularization and promotion.Fast Rolled Shutter Door Cargo Air Shower Room

Cleanroom door design technical parameters

Input voltage: AC 220V ±10%

Motor power: 24V DC 40*2

Electric current: 2A

Motor speed: 1800RPM

Maximum single door width: 3m

Maximum single door weight: 300KG

Operating temperature range: -20℃~+50℃

Protection level: IP44

Cleanroom door design features

1, work automation: some factories inside the specific work is done independently by unmanned machines, there must be automatic doors to match the smooth entry and exit of the machine workshop. For example, in ceramics factory, the unmanned ceramic workpiece car carries the workpiece into the heating furnace to heat - heating is completed - PLC is notified - PLC drives the workpiece car and opens the automatic door at the same time, and then notifies PLC when the workpiece car has completely passed through the automatic door, and then the automatic door is closed, after which the next cycle is entered.What are the Environment Considerations When Installing a Cleanroom Project

2, in order to improve efficiency: close the door manually for the workers working in the clean room is quite a problem, because workers are often open (pushing) factory car or handheld materials in and out of the workshop, in order to close the door, they must get off or put down the hands of the material to close the door and then leave, round trip many times to reduce the efficiency. Therefore, the automatic door solves this problem.

3, The clean room design is fully automated, and the clean room door opens and closes automatically, without pushing and pulling by hand. The clean room entrance door is convenient to open and close, no contact, the people and goods in and out very smooth and efficient, improve the production process and automation level. For example, for contactless rooms that require access to rooms that cannot be pushed or pulled by hand, or for double-opening material channels, it can be easily realized with the cooperation of non-contact sensors. It can save space and reduce investment, and the sealing effect is good.

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