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Why The Air Shower Does Not Blow The Shower

Manufacturers using air showers sometimes encounter the phenomenon of air showers not blowing, when the air showers manufacturers fail to arrive on the scene in time to deal with the failure, it may be worth referring to the following air showers not blowing notes:What is Sterile Cleanroom Project

Why The Air Shower Does Not Blow The Shower

1, first check the air shower power switch and emergency stop switch is in the open state, such as the two reasons are not, then the circuit should be checked, leakage switch is closed.Double Person Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench

2, the air shower IC circuit board configured by the FUSE fuse is fused, such as fuse fuse is fused then need to replace the 4A fuse.

3, check whether the air shower micro switch and photoelectric switch action, such as no action, should replace the micro switch and photoelectric switch.How to Choose Your Air Shower Room

4, such as the air shower AC contactor does not work, it affects the blowing shower, need to replace the AC contactor.

5, if the air shower circuit board can not output signal in the AC contactor coil, it is necessary to change the IC circuit board.Air Shower Room-Why the Market Price Varies Greatly

6, the air shower is blowing shower is not allowed to force the door, in case of an emergency accident, you can stop according to the emergency stop switch.

If the fan blows normally, then the problem appears in the air shower control system, at this time need to check the air shower controller, photoelectric switch, door magnet, etc.. If not yet welcome to call for advice.

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