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What is Sterile Cleanroom Project

The sterile cleanroom is a type of air purification project. Generally speaking, the clean room needs to be about 10,000 grades. The more standard microbiological test generally needs about 5 to 8 in similar laboratories. 


A sterile cleanroom, and some devices need to be placed inside the sterile room. The overall scope of the sterile cleanroom does not need to be too large, which leads to excessive waste. If the area is too large, it will not only This will increase the cost and will also increase the maintenance cost of the sterile cleanroom in the future.

The sterile cleanroom is generally used in the inspection of microorganisms. Probably these are in the sterile cleanroom, including many food-used fungi and microorganisms, which are mostly used to clean the work surface and the inspection process. The society is constantly developing, and the country is In industries with high safety requirements, such as food and medicine, the popularity of the clean room inside the sterile cleanroom will become more and more popular. Then through the purification method of the sterile cleanroom, the workbench is placed in the operating space to make the environment Better, this way the possibility of being contaminated during the experiment will be further reduced.

Some work surfaces with a higher level of purification in the sterile cleanroom do not mean that random bacteria can be tested, including the number of bacteria in general, microorganisms, and some experimental cultivation similar to hematopoietic stem cells. It is carried out in such a level of clean room purification engineering worktop.

It is not often assumed that the inside of the sterile cleanroom needs to complete the cultivation of pathogenic bacteria, then in order to achieve the protection of internal experimenters, similar safety and bacterial protection measures must be taken.

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