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Characteristic Of Explosion-proof Air Shower Room

Explosion-proof air shower room is a kind of top technical equipment in the purification industry. It is a high-tech and safe explosion-proof equipment produced for the workshop with combustible gas and flammable products. The air shower room is mainly equipped with explosion-proof fan, explosion-proof lamp, etc.The Role And Design Of Air Shower Tunnel

Explosion-proof Air Shower Room

Characteristic of Explosion-proof air shower room

All the boxes are made of coated power steel or stainless steel. Providing a good protective barrier against external corrosion and rust.

Multi-angle adjustable stainless steel nozzles are durable; stainless steel doors are durable and beautiful, with transparent windows. The surface material is stainless steel plate which is wear-resistant and easy to clean.

Polluted air can reach 99.99% filtration efficiency through primary and high efficiency filters.

The emergency stop switch is installed in the inner part of the working area, which can cut off the power quickly and make all the doors open.

Compared with ordinary electronic lighting, KAS electronic lighting can effectively reduce energy consumption and emit more balanced light

Explosion-proof centrifugal fans are connected to stainless steel vents, which together provide efficient injection for effective cleaning.

Reset circuit breaker adds safety and reliability to fan and circuit board.

Humanized high-tech intelligent programmable microprocessor controller gives each user a great degree of convenience, specificity and security control.

The Archimedes spiral air supply system provides 25 m/s-30 m/s super-strong wind speed to ensure that the personnel and goods entering the clean room achieve the perfect effect of complete dust removal. Fully automatic control operation, double door electronic interlock, infrared induction automatic showering.

Explosion-proof centrifugal fan for horizontal, single group, single inhalation and airtight structure, can also be made into vertical structure.Air Shower Cheap Price Food Industry Class 100 Clean Room

Our design of explosion-proof air shower room to ensure that the people and goods entering the clean room to achieve the effect of thorough dust removal at the same time. In addition, it has fully automatic control operation, electronic interlocking of double doors and infrared induction automatic blowing shower.Fast Rolled Shutter Door Cargo Air Shower Room

Explosion-proof air shower room microprocessor control features; wind speed detection, electronic safety detection, functional detection and visual detection, automatic setting so that the door is in the open state, to prevent people from opening the door of the air shower room without going in when locked outside, saving energy mode, when there is no one in the air shower room, the lights inside will automatically turn off, after the illumination of the LCD shows the progress of the operation of the air shower room and operation, while the time display with the So that the user can set the blowing time according to the situation, the middle of the air shower room is installed with easy to clean soft padding control button.

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