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How To Determine The Installation Site Of The Cargo Air Shower

How should the installation site of the cargo air shower be determined? cargo air shower and other general electrical appliances are not quite the same, generally users buy air shower, it is better to let the air shower manufacturer to send people over to the site installation, and users only need to prepare their own installation site can be, so as to avoid the installation of the air shower problems and affect the later use. How to Choose Your Air Shower Room

How To Determine The Installation Site Of The Cargo Air Shower

Back to the topic, now say what should be prepared before the installation of the cargo air shower. 

air shower equipment (cargo air shower) installation prerequisites: such as air shower equipment to the site on the day, the user is best to provide good basic installation conditions to prevent the bad consequences caused by the air shower sent to the site because it can not be installed, (except for party B to pull back the equipment) so the period can not be counted as air shower manufacturers delivery delay breach of contract, and the resulting air shower secondary installation of transportation, installation, travel and other costs generally The user has to pay for himself. What Is Air Shower Specifications

cargo air shower should be confirmed before installation. 

1, the user has determined a good equipment installation location. 

2, the user has installed 380V three-phase five-wire power supply in place, and the power supply power is greater than the power of the equipment (equipment outside the line length of 2 meters). 

3, the user provides a suitable size of the air shower installation space. 

4, the ground where the user places the air shower has reached the basic level, and the ground level tolerance is ±3mm.

cargo air shower is a kind of air shower is mainly a channel necessary for goods to enter the clean room, it uses high-speed clean airflow to blow down and remove the dust particles attached to the surface of personal clothing or materials entering the clean room. The door into and out of the air shower can not be opened at the same time, can also play the role of air valve, to prevent the external air into the clean room, and make the clean room to maintain a positive pressure state; cargo air shower filtered by high efficiency filter clean airflow by rotatable nozzles from all directions spray to goods, human body, effective and rapid removal of dust particles, and then filtered by the primary and high efficiency filter recirculated to the air shower area.  Industrial Rolling Shutter Garage Door

cargo air shower features.  

1, photoelectric induction control, the implementation of automatic blowing shower. It can effectively isolate the dust from the surface of personnel and articles brought into the clean room. 

2, advanced intelligent computer PLC control module, low failure, system safety and stability. 

3、LED indicator screen and touch panel design, convenient for the operation of the dust bath time and various functions. 

4、Cyclic design design, to ensure the cleanliness of the air shower area when the state of non-blowing shower. 

5、Double doors electric chain, the implementation of forced blowing shower, double doors can be made into automatic sliding doors. 

6, can accept the user's special design, can be made into explosion-proof type air shower. 

7, to undertake the special design and manufacture of airlock type and buffer type.  

air shower classification (according to the use of material).  

Steel plate series air shower, stainless steel series air shower, color steel plate series air shower, outside steel plate inside stainless steel series air shower.  

cargo air shower blowing shower mode.  The Role And Design Of Air Shower Tunnel

Blowing way: single side blowing, double side blowing, three side blowing, top blowing.

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