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Sliding Hangar Door Prices

The work processes in an aircraft hangar are very demanding and require maximum organisation, efficiency and reliability. These requirements have to be fulfilled and Kwang offers full support to master this task.


When it comes to purchasing the hangar door system, first ask yourself what the parameters that are the most important in the hangar door system.  These factors of importance need to be looked by you the consumer; price, this is what we are talking about in this, the cost of the hangar door, it may be that it needs to be sealed up air tight for heating and cooling, believe it or not there are air conditioned hangars out there. It may also be your mission is to fly VLJ but you are building a 12,000 square foot aircraft hangar and say I want to have a tall door for a Gulfstream Jet. You may want windows in the doors or have a more expensive stacking of the doors.  So here is the “thing” there are too many combinations to say what are the “sliding hangar door prices”, it’s just hard to put a finger on it.

The Sliding hangar door market is variable, however we need to point out this, this type of door is hands down the most efficient, longest lasting, and most versatile hangar door on the market. There is no equal to the sliding hangar door, we can use bottom rolling, top hung, stack one way, bi part, float singular or in groups.  You can use tail doors in sliding hangar doors and even retro fit for the tail door, motorize and push by hand.  Then there are the extras; personnel doors, interlocks, rubber tire drives, steel wheel operators, safe edges, fail safe systems, brakes, VFD and PCL controls.  From touch screens to sonar.  Again we are still talking about sliding hangar doors, they are that complex and that is why it is important to know exactly what your mission for this door may be.  

So here is the advice, go look at doors, look at the caster, look at the top guide, look at the details and even the primer.  Every aircraft door we manufacture we sand blast prep the material to remove mill scale that leads to rust. You may say it is not a must and you would be correct, however to be the very best means we must have the best quality, we can’t say it if we don’t achieve it. take a middle of the road approach get some basic specifications and move from there, you may find exactly what you need that fits in you budget of the sliding hangar door prices!  Remember the price paid is long forgotten but the poor quality lasts forever. Don’t give into the pushy sales person, don’t listen to the hype, remember to read your quote and compare to the other quotes. 

Hangar door prices in general are all over the board between hydraulic hangar doors, bi folding hangar doors, and sliding hangar doors. Do your homework, know what happens when the power goes out with hydraulic fabric lift, accordion or bifold doors, and don’t be fooled, all hangar doors require routine maintenance so look at the cost of this and know your purchase.  The sliding aircraft hangar door is the most versatile and most cost effective as well as the least expensive to maintain on average and the most widely used over any other hangar door, so when we look at the cost of aircraft doors, we need to look at the maintenance cost as well. 

We support you right from the start in all planning considerations. We advise you on the size and position of your hangar door as well as on the opening principle, type of drive and choice of filling material. We take your safety equipment and architectural design aspects into account. Our specialists are your competent partners for all questions concerning the conception and planning of your hangar door.

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