Air Shower Clean Room

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Air Shower Selection Criteria

When selecting an effective air shower system, the following should be considered:Air Shower Nozzle 304 Stainless Steel Adjustable Cleanroom

System should be modular, allowing for easy configuration, shipment, and assembly

Shell should be made of stainless or painted steel

Blower system must supply high velocity, high volume air

Recirculating filtration system should use pre-filters, followed by high capacity HEPA filters

Units should have magnetic door interlock systems with appropriate controls

Whether it is ensuring high semiconductor yields or a flawless paint finish, a wide variety of industries use air showers as part of their cleanroom operations. Semiconductor, medical device, bio-tech, microelectronic, optics, pharmaceutical, aerospace, nanotechnology, and automotive industries require contaminate-free environments and commonly use air showers as part of their operation.

Air Shower Selection Criteria

While air showers typically are used for cleaning gowned personnel before entering a clean environment, they can also be used to remove particulate as workers leave hazardous work areas before going out into the general public, or preventing cross contamination when moving from one workspace to another.Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Air Shower China Factory

Air showers are just one, but very important, factor in ensuring good cleanroom performance. Proper worker training, documented procedures, and a well-maintained system will increase production yields, and reduce product defects and costs.Choosing the Right Clean Room Air Shower

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