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Choosing the Right Clean Room Air Shower

Finding the right cleanroom entry systems for your facility is not always easy. To determine what cleanroom air shower you need, consider the following factors:

  • The air shower should be modular to allow for easy configuration/reconfiguration, shipment, and assembly.Stainless Steel Air Shower

  • Outer shell of the air shower should be constructed of stainless or painted steel.Cargo Air Shower

  • The blower system must provide high volumes of air at high velocity to effectively decontaminate personnel, equipment, etc.Automatic Door Air Shower

  • Clean room air showers should have a high number of air nozzles; nozzles should be adjustable.Corner Air Shower

  • The unit should include a magnetic door interlock system, with appropriate controls.Multi User Stainless Steel Air Shower

View our Air Shower FAQs to learn more about selecting the right self-cleaning air shower for your cleanroom environment. 

Choosing the Right Clean Room Air Shower

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