Air Shower Clean Room

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Air Shower are Used for a Variety of Applications

Installed as cleanroom entry systems, air showers reduce contamination as personnel enter the clean production space. A worker passes through the entry door, the door closes, and high velocity streams of HEPA filtered air is blown onto the worker from numerous precisely placed, adjustable nozzles. This high velocity air creates a flapping effect on the worker’s clothing, which allows contaminant to be removed from their cleanroom garments.Stainless Steel Air Shower

Air Shower are Used for a Variety of Applications

As the cycle ends, the exit door unlocks, and the worker exits the air shower into the cleanroom. Typical cycle time is ten seconds. An adjustable microprocessor allows for easy “on-site” adjustment of cycle times and other critical process controls.Cargo Air Shower
Cleanroom air showers can also be used to remove particulates as personnel leave areas before going out into the general public, or to prevent cross-contamination when workers move from one workspace to another.Automatic Door Air Shower
Air showers for cleanrooms are used in a variety of industries where contamination could be detrimental,  including:

  • Biomedical

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Aerospace

  • Microelectronics

  • Precision Manufacturing

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