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What Are The Air Shower Vulnerable Parts

Air shower is an important equipment in air purification equipment, nowadays has been widely used in electronics, food packaging, chemical and other enterprises, as users, the focus of consideration when choosing air shower is the price, product quality, life and how to maintain.sweeping machine

What Are The Air Shower Vulnerable Parts

Kwang Purification will introduce in detail the Air Shower Vulnerable Parts, for your reference when choosing the air shower.

1, material: the market mainstream materials for 304 stainless steel and steel plate baking paint; poorer materials are 201 stainless steel, aluminum composite panel, color steel plate and sandwich stainless steel plate.

2, control circuit board: do not choose small business brands, quality is difficult to guarantee, bad is also difficult to buy the right model to replace.

3, photoelectric switch: avoid choosing small brand manufacturers of switches, the key part of the air shower blowing wind is the photoelectric switch, the quality is not up to standard easy to produce instability.What is Sterile Cleanroom Project

4, door: the current mainstream for the stainless steel door and steel plate door; do not recommend the use of color steel plate, aluminum alloy door frame, such materials are easy to crack, deformation.

5, air shower electric lock, air shower interlock is an important guarantee of the interconnection lock of the air shower, there is no electronic interlock of the air shower is not up to the standard of QS certification.

So the cost of the air shower with the choice of accessories has a great relationship, generally want to control the cost of enterprises in addition to management, only in the material efforts, so it is recommended that customers choose a strong, branded air shower, understand the detailed configuration of the air shower laboratory, so as to facilitate future maintenance and maintenance of the air shower.

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