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Notes On The Installation Of Air Shower

Now there are more and more problems in the market air shower equipment miscellaneous brands, resulting in the purchaser difficult to choose the right air shower equipment; miscellaneous air shower shortcomings are particularly large, such as: noise, high power consumption, parts are easily damaged and other problems.50mm metal face Rock wool sandwich panel Metal Faced Clean Room Special

Notes On The Installation Of Air Shower

The characteristics of the air shower equipment produced by Kwang, low power consumption, stable and reliable operation performance, with advanced noise reduction and mute device sound insulator system. air shower equipment with special flow air duct and even wind series design, deceleration less vortex, clear noise, guide airflow are through the filter, with uniform wind speed, low noise characteristics.How to Choose Your Air Shower Room

The different materials of the air shower will directly affect the price cost of the air shower. If the workshop has acidic gas or more humid words, it is recommended to choose all stainless steel material air shower. In the same size and configuration, air shower material for full sanding stainless steel and full sanding stainless steel price cost is very different, so the enterprise according to their own and process requirements, choose to buy different air shower. If the number of people in the workshop is not much or below ten people, you can consider using a single or two-person air shower, that is, one to two people can enter the air shower; if more than ten people in the workshop, you can consider using a two-person or multi-person air shower.Cleanroom Air Shower Price Cheap Factory Direct Sales

Therefore, in the installation of the air shower need to pay attention to the following issues.

First, do not use volatile oil, thinner, etc. to wipe the air shower;

Second, try not to use the air shower in low temperature, high temperature, wet, dew, dusty, as well as places with oil smoke, fog;

Third, do not knock and impact glass, so as not to cause personal injury;

Fourth, the installation of the air shower should ensure that the maintenance space in order to facilitate the replacement of filters and electrical components, lines and other maintenance;

Fifth, confirm the rated voltage and frequency of the air shower is consistent with the parameters of the input power, so as not to damage the electrical components and fire;

Six, when the purification project electrical in place should be adjusted to the horizontal position of the air shower before wiring, power operation;

Seven, please do not use wet hands to plug and unplug the power supply to avoid electric shock; 

Eight, be sure to plug the power plug in the socket with grounding wire.Modular Cleanroom Faqs

Kwang purification workshop also undertake electronics, food, optics, precision instruments, operating room, biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, health care products, products, cosmetics, water and other industries 10 --- 300000 level purification project.

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