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Air Shower Blowing System Details

The working principle of infrared automatic induction air shower blowing system can be roughly divided into two categories, the first category is the use of semiconductor materials photoelectric effect, for example, in the PN junction, infrared radiation into the semiconductor PN junction, will cause the excitation of this carrier within the semiconductor, the role of the electric field built in the PN junction, resulting in the migration of electrons, holes; if the PN junction end loading wire, the load end can be measured in the voltage change to achieve infrared sensing.How to Clean the Surface of 304 Stainless Steel Air Shower Room


This type is called photonic infrared detection (sensing), we know that infrared light must be accompanied by thermal effects, and when some objects absorb infrared light, it will cause changes in the temperature of the object.

The second principle of infrared sensor is to use infrared radiation to cause object temperature changes, that is, thermal infrared detection.Cleanroom Air Shower Price Cheap Factory Direct Sales

Fully intelligent circuit board automatic induction system detects people standing in the induction area to automatically start all the equipment, thus realizing automatic blowing shower. The above non-automatic Air shower non-automatic door induction system.

Workflow of infrared automatic induction air shower blowing system: Generally, after people enter the Air shower, the system will automatically induct the blowing shower. Infrared automatic induction blowing duster introduces air from the outside, and after passing through the primary filter, it is pressed into the static pressure box of the Air shower by the centrifugal fan, filtered by the high-efficiency filter, and clean air is sprayed out from the nozzle in the Air shower at high speed to achieve the purpose of purifying the Air shower.Fast Rolled Shutter Door Cargo Air Shower Room

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