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Pharmaceutical Clean Room Design And Construction Scheme

How to design clean room in pharmaceutical factory? The design of clean room in pharmaceutical factory should create necessary conditions for construction and installation, system and facility verification, maintenance and management, overhaul and test and safe operation. Pharmaceutical industry clean workshop refers to a building containing pharmaceutical clean room for drug production and quality control. The design of pharmaceutical clean room should consider the room and direction of personnel and material purification room. So, how to design a clean room in a pharmaceutical factory?Blow Molding Film Cleanroom

Pharmaceutical Clean Room Design And Construction Scheme

First, how is the process layout of the clean room in the pharmaceutical factory?

When docking the industrial clean room project, the primary task is to provide the process layout plan for the customer according to the civil engineering drawings and URS requirements provided by the customer. The process layout of pharmaceutical industry clean workshop should meet two basic requirements: meet the requirements of pharmaceutical production process and meet the requirements of air cleanliness level.Paper Honeycomb Handmade Panel

The process layout of the pharmaceutical industry clean workshop should prevent cross-pollution between the flow of people and logistics and meet the following basic requirements:

1. Entrances and exits for personnel and materials in and out of the production area shall be set up respectively. Special entrances and exits should be set up for materials that are easy to cause pollution in the production process.

2. Purification rooms and facilities should be set up before personnel and materials enter the medical clean room.

3. The process equipment and facilities in the clean room of the pharmaceutical factory should meet the requirements of production process and air cleanliness level. Production and storage areas shall not be used as access for personnel not in the area.

4. The elevator for conveying personnel and materials should be set separately. The elevator should not be installed in the medical clean room. When the process requires the installation of vertical material conveying devices in the medical clean room, measures should be taken to ensure that the air cleanliness level of the medical clean room is not affected and to avoid cross-contamination.

5. The material transfer route in the pharmaceutical industry clean workshop should meet the needs of the technological production process, and be short and smooth.Industrial Rolling Shutter Garage Door

The layout of the medical clean room should comply with the following provisions:

1. On the premise of meeting the requirements of production process and noise, the medical clean room with high air cleanliness level should be arranged near the air conditioning room, and the process with the same air cleanliness level and the medical clean room should be relatively centralized.

2. Measures should be taken to prevent pollution in and out of medical clean room and material transfer between different air cleanliness levels.Double Person Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench

How to design clean room in pharmaceutical factory? The above is Kwang Purification to explain to you about how to design the pharmaceutical factory clean room related content, I think you must have a new understanding and understanding of the construction and design of the pharmaceutical factory clean room.Double Person Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Bench

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