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Cleanroom Straight Through Air Shower Supplier

Kwang Purification manufactures air showers in flexible configurations and material options to meet your company’s operational requirements.Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Classification

Cleanroom Straight Through Air Shower Supplier

Positioned strategically at the entry point of a cleanroom or other clean work area, air showers are essential to preventing harmful contaminants from being transported on personnel or other items.6 Tips For Cleanroom Cleaning

Benefits of Air Showers

It is common to integrate a restricted air shower as a controlled entry or exit point for any clean room. Air showers employ specialized technologies that reduce contamination and limit required cleanroom maintenance. Ultimately, air showers provide and extra layer of protection which helps to save the company money by:

Preventing contamination which impacts equipment productivity

Reducing strain and extending the life of HEPA and ULPA filters

Increases efficiency by diminishing particle buildup

Improve the overall quality of products

Providing necessary on-site adjustments of cycle times and process controls


In order to reduce risk of transferring pollutants into a cleanroom, a worker enters the sealed air shower where it then cycles through a brief process in which high-velocity streams of HEPA Filtered air is blown onto to the worker through multiple jets, resulting in contaminants being eliminated. When the cycle is complete the worker seamlessly transitions into the cleanroom.Modular Cleanroom Faqs

Cleanroom air showers are commonly used at the entrances, exits and change areas to avert cross-contamination when workers move between workspaces, or to eliminate the risk of transferring any soiled or polluted particles to public places.Cleanroom Air Showers: Everything You Need To Know

Air showers for cleanrooms are used across a variety of industries where the possibility of contamination is present, such as:





Precision Manufacturing

Choose the option that will ideally suit your facility or call to speak with one of our experienced engineers for more information and help determining the right application for your operational needs.Fast Rolled Shutter Door Cargo Air Shower Room

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