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Air Shower Room Maintenance Methods And Main Maintenance Measures

In a clean room, the air shower room is a necessary access to the clean room to reduce the pollution of the clean room.Installed between a clean room and a non-clean room, it is a universal local purification equipment. After people and goods enter the clean area, they are blown through the air shower room, which blows clean air that removes dust between the human body and the goods and can effectively block or reduce dust from entering the clean area. The front and rear doors of the air/cargo shower room are electronically interlocked and can also act as an airlock to stop unpurified air from entering the clean area.50mm metal face Rock wool sandwich panel Metal Faced Clean Room Special

Air Shower Room Maintenance Methods And Main Maintenance Measures

Air shower room maintenance methods and main maintenance measures what are the main?

1. Pre-filter (PRE-FILTER): The pre-filter at the lower end of the equipment. If the filter screen, please remove the circulating air return air outlet, it can be easily pulled out. The blockage of the front filter depends on the frequency of use and clean state, please pay attention to the time of blockage at the early stage of use, and then clean it regularly with compressed air, water washing and vacuum vacuuming. According to the general use of cleaning 2~3 times a month, each use 3 times.Double Person Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench

2, The main filter (MAINFILTER) is located after the AIRNOZZLE, its update time can be based on anemometer detection of wind speed value (wind value halved), or differential pressure meter to measure the differential pressure (differential pressure value doubled) to decide whether to change or not, its detection cycle of about two to four times a year.Customized GMP turnkey modular medical clean room cleanroom

3, Because of the equipment within the circulating return air part, located in the machine under the edge so in the corner there will be a large accumulation of dirt, so should be cleaned with a hoover more than once a week. Ensure that the direction of rotation of the fan is correct. If the fan is found to be rotating in the opposite direction (wind speed is obviously insufficient), please swap any two power lines in the three-phase power supply to determine the positive and negative rotation.How to Choose Your Air Shower Room

These are the maintenance measures of the air shower room, have you learnt them?

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