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What Are The Areas Where Air Shower Need To Be Installed

There are some differences in the role of air showers in various industries, but the main focus is the same: 1. to be installed at the entrance to the workshop to exert positive pressure. 2. to allow people or goods to pass through the air cleanly to reduce the amount of dust entering the workshop. 3. to better protect the quality of clean air in the workshop and to meet the requirements of the products produced.Air Shower Maintenance Precautions

What Are The Areas Where Air Shower Need To Be Installed

The role of air showers in the Food Germ-Free Cleanroom is to meet the cleanliness of the air in the production workshop, with the internal air forming positive pressure; reducing the number of doors and gates into and out of the workshop, ensuring that no cross contamination is formed in the environment and that people or goods enter the vehicle for cleaning treatment, thus meeting QS standard requirements to ensure product quality. Clean Bench Routine Maintenance Methods

The role of air showers in the automotive industry is to solve the problem of dust being brought into the paint shop by strong winds blowing on external surfaces, thus ensuring the surface quality of the vehicle during the oiling process.The Role And Design Of Air Shower Tunnel


Air showers in the cosmetics industry meet the requirements of GMP standards and ensure the quality of the products when they are packaged. How To Choose Gmp Pharmacy Cleanroom Door

The role of air showers in the photovoltaic industry is to ensure air cleanliness and quality by installing dust at the entrance to the cleanroom to handle people or goods entering the cleanroom.


Air showers infrared automatic induction air showers mean that after the infrared sensor and the other end of the light sensor are cut off, the whole intelligent circuit board system detects that a person is standing in the induction area and automatically activates all equipment, thus enabling automatic blowing. Therefore, when using a germicidal UVC air shower, it is not appropriate to turn on the UVC germicidal lamp for long periods of time and set a dip switch to turn on the UVC germicidal lamp to protect the operator from harming the human body.Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Classification


A UVC germicidal lamp is actually a low pressure mercury lamp. The lower mercury vapour pressure causes the low-pressure mercury lamp to emit light, resulting in the emission of ultraviolet light. There are two main spectral lines: one at 253.7nm and the other at 185nm, both of which are invisible to the naked eye. As UVC kills cells, care should be taken not to expose human skin directly to UVC disinfection, especially in the eyes. When the UVC germicidal lamp is lit, do not look directly at the bulb. As short wave UVC does not pass through ordinary glass, glasses can be avoided.

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