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The Difference Of Automatic Air Shower Room

There are many type air shower rooms in market,The Automatic Air Shower Room is one of this type.But what the difference of automatic air shower room with normal air shower?

Kwang purification share the technical knowledge with you:

1: automatic air shower room principle: it is same with normal air shower room, that is best purification equipment for entrance the clean room, it is use the high speed air stream blow off the dust, bacteria, and hair from personal or goods body, for sure the clean room can reach the purification rank so that produced out the high quality products,the corner automatic air shower compose by cabinet , door, ceiling , floor board, HEPA air filter, pre-filter, nozzle, control board, light and so on.

2: The automatic air shower room and normal air shower room can be is one side blower, two side blower, or three side blower. The door can be automatic type.

The Difference Of Automatic Air Shower Room

It has automatic doors, Stretch your hand to a distance of 150 mm from the sensor. The sensor lights up the green light. The door automatically opens, closes automatically, and opens automatically after washing. Using advanced and primary, these two levels of filtering systems, the efficiency is as high as 99.99 %. Equipped with large wind volume and low noise wind turbine. Ensure wind speed above the air outlet is 26 m/s.

It is automated control, Internal control system of air shower room is controlled by single chip microcomputer, Double side automatic induction interlock, photoelectric induction, infrared induction automatic washing. Excellent performance and unique effects, It is an essential product for many industries such as electronics, Microelectronics, precision instruments, medicine and medicine, SMT, food processing, and dust-free spraying.

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