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Main Components Of The Air Shower

Air shower room, cargo shower room, air shower access provides self-contained systems to help solve decontamination problems by removing surface-deposited particles from personnel prior to entering the cleanroom. Air showers add convenience to cleanrooms by allowing personnel to cleanly enter the controlled environment.Where Are Cleanroom Air Showers Used

Main Components Of The Air Shower:

Main Components Of The Air Shower

1 . Flexible Nozzles:

Whenever the shower cycle commences, pressurized air streams from adjustable nozzles at a velocity of up to 20-25m/s. Air shower nozzles ensure the necessary efficient scrubbing action to remove particulate matter. Air shower nozzles are arranged on the walls and ceilings in a uniform pattern to ensure effective distribution of filtered air.Electric Floor Clean Machine Driving Dust Cart KW-C48

2. Electromagnetic interlocking doors

Air shower interlocking doors prevent unnecessary contamination inflow and thereby prevent cross-contamination of the cleanroom and the Air Shower. They automatically release in the event of a power failure or at the press of the emergency stop button to ensure operator safety. LED lighting, built into the ceiling to allow unimpeded air circulation, ensures full visibility no matter what size or configuration you select.Double Person Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Bench

3. Comprehensive touch-screen control panel 

Each air shower includes a solid-state microprocessor panel (located at the front entrance) that controls shower cycle durations and entrance/exit delay times, enhancing convenience and security . A Run Times feature is also included to help you set and maintain a filter-replacement schedule based on your maintenance protocol. Air shower control system includes full microprocessor diagnostic capabilities, covering operation of the blower, door switch, and door lock.Multi User Stainless Steel Air Shower

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