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The Internal Temperature Of The Air Shower Fan To Get Hot

Many users often ask us a question, before the purchase of an air shower after using a period of time will find the problem of air shower fan heating, even because the air shower fan heating caused by the entire air shower box will be hot, of course, they purchase the air shower is not our manufacturers, only to find the problem to consult with us on this issue, because the previous manufacturer and can not give them a satisfactory answer.Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Classification


Nowadays, it is common in the market that the temperature of the airflow from the nozzles rises after a long period of use in the air shower, resulting in a higher overall space temperature, and although the use time is only a few dozen seconds, the user will also sweat.

Then what causes the temperature of the air shower fan to become high? And how can we solve this problem? The following is to help you answer.Air Shower Technical Specifications

First of all, the air shower by the fan, filter, box, stainless steel nozzle, controller and other key components, the overall power system is dependent on the fan to provide, while our researchers found that the long use of the air shower, the temperature of the fan will continue to rise, the market fan is generally continuous operation for 24 hours temperature can reach about 80 degrees, and even some air shower using the fan quality defects. Motor using aluminum wire, cutting corners, the temperature rise is even higher, long time use and even motor burn problems, greatly increasing the cost of air shower manufacturers to repair! This is a very serious problem!The Air Shower Room Is A Multifunctional Partial Purification Device

So we continue to design and improve the overall structure of the fan, and with part of the research institute jointly developed a commonly known as "no heat" air shower fan! This air shower fan after 48 hours of continuous operation test, temperature control at 37.8 degrees, the fan has a low temperature, large air volume, low noise, small vibration characteristics, completely solve the problem of air shower heat! Its cost performance is far from other fans on the market.

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