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Where The Air Shower Should Be Installed

The air shower should be installed in the purification room or closed central air conditioning production workshop channel. air shower and clean room or purification workshop installation immediately adjacent, should be equipped with natural latex cotton to ensure the sealing, can avoid the outside cyclone endanger the clean room or purification workshop purity. Air Shower Cheap Price Food Industry Class 100 Clean Room

Where The Air Shower Should Be Installed

Air shower original factory when the wind has been adjusted to the best state, air shower switch power connected to the clean room after the switch power, to facilitate the normal operation of the cleanroom when the power is closed.    

In the maintenance of the air shower to disconnect the switch power first, to ensure safety.

If it is found that the outside of the pre-press filter plate of the air shower becomes black and holds more dust, the friction resistance expands, and the pre-press filter plate can be removed and cleaned or replaced without anti-cloth.Notes On The Use And Operation Of Pass Box

The control time of the controller, the original factory before the adjustment has been set, if it is necessary to change the adjustment delay, only need to adjust the relay time, you can get the required air shower time.

It is recommended that the air shower on time for the electrical equipment route test, to ensure that the air shower all normal operation. Scrub the surface and the interior of the air shower on time to ensure the cleanliness of the air shower.Benefits of Air Showers And How Air Showers Are Used

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