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Advantages Of High-Performance Clean Room Doors

Most pharmaceutical and life sciences products must be produced in clean room conditions due to stringent regulations. A high-performance clean room door is the first step in ensuring a safe and clean environment, and choosing the right door for this highly specialized environment is utmost important.How To Choose Gmp Pharmacy Cleanroom Door

Advantages Of High-Performance Clean Room Doors

To support regulatory compliance and product quality, these high-performance doors ensure the highest level of  purity and quality in your clean room.  Industrial Rolling Shutter Garage Door

Common Use-Cases for Clean Room Doors:

- Medical Facilities

- Pharmaceutical operations

- Food Storage

Advantages of High-Performance Clean Room Doors

✓ Proper humidity levels: Fluctuating humidity levels can make employees uncomfortable in a clean room, which could lead to costly mistakes or production delays. High humidity levels can cause many problems in a clean room as well, such as:

- Bacteria growth

- Product degradation or damage

- Corrosión

- Static electricity (which can interfere with the movement of particles inside the clean room).

A high performance door can help you easily maintain the humidity levels in your clean room that standard clean room guidelines state.Fast Rolled Shutter Door Cargo Air Shower Room

✓ Controlled temperatures: The environment could be contaminated and compromise production standards when cleaning staff of technicians shiver or sweat, as they release more particles into the air. Even small fluctuations in clean room temperatures can cause issues for people and products. In order to keep employees comfortable and maintain product integrity, a high-performance door helps regulate the temperature that should be maintained in a clean room at 69.8°F (21°C). 

✓ Quality seals: To keep the contaminants out, look for a high performance door that includes a full-size seal. Good sealing performance can maintain the cleanliness level, ensuring high-quality production.

✓ Fast open and close rates: To minimize air incursion and contaminant ingress, the clean room doors must be high-speed doors to open and close as fast as possible.

✓ Pressure differential control. To prevent cross-contamination between environments and block contaminants from entering production areas from adjacent areas, a high-performance door will help maintain the correct pressurization within a clean room.

✓ Regulatory compliance. Our high-performance clean room doors meet the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) regulations, USDA, FDA, NSF and ISO standards.

✓ Cleanability. To allow complete wash-down to virtually eliminate potential sites for bacteria manifestacion, high-performance doors come in a variety of material designed for easy cleaning.

✓ Hands-Free Activation Options. Automatic activation devices for clean roll doors provide a hands-free method of opening and closing clean room doors for a variety of environments such as wave-to-open sensors and motion/presence detectors.Best Price Industrial Automatic Sliding Door Air Shower For Laboratory

Contact us today to discuss your clean room door needs.  It will be a pleasure to assist you.

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