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Air Showers Are Very Important For A Clean Environment

The automatic clean air shower room can effectively blow away the dust attached to the surface of people or carried items, and the dust blown down is recycled into the primary air filter, so that the circulation can achieve the purpose of air shower.What Is Air Shower Specifications

Air Showers Are Very Important For A Clean Environment

The air shower room consists of a large box body (fans and filters are installed in this box body), a small box body (the double air shower room is equipped with nozzles on this side, the number is the same as that of the large box body, the top plate (installed with built-in lighting), The bottom plate (stainless steel sand board), the double door body of the air shower room and other accessories: filters, fans, intelligent circuit boards, nozzles, lighting lamps, etc. The air shower room is large and small, and the interior of the air shower room is available for selection. There are two main types: full A3 cold plate multi-layer pickling electrostatic spraying (usually called cold plate), stainless steel plate (SUS201, SUS304, SUS316, etc., the thickness is generally 0.8~1.5mm. The different materials and thickness of the air shower room will directly Affect the price and cost of the air shower).Cleanroom Air Showers: Everything You Need To Know

Air Shower Installation And Use:

1. Place the chassis in the correct position during installation, and then install the boxes on both sides on the chassis. After installing the top cover and various fixing parts, connect all the electrical cables to fix the front and rear door frames, door leaves and decorative inserts. Each contact is filled with sealant, and the surface should be wiped clean of dirt and dust.Cleanroom Air Shower Price Cheap Factory Direct Sales

2. The power supply of this equipment should be connected to the power supply of the clean room, so that it can share the power with the clean room at the same time, and enable synchronou.

Our cleanroom air showers remove loose particles from persons and products prior to their entry into the cleanroom, minimising or eliminating product defects for enhanced yields.

Choosing the appropriate cleanroom entry system for your business is not always straightforward. Consider the following factors when determining the type of cleanroom air shower you require:

-The air shower should be modular in design to facilitate configuration/reconfiguration, shipping, and installation.

-The air shower’s outside shell should be made of stainless or painted steel.

-The blower system must deliver large volumes of air at a high rate of speed in order to properly disinfect workers, equipment, and other surfaces.

-Showers for cleanroom air should have a large number of air nozzles that are adjustable.

-The unit should be equipped with a magnetic door interlock mechanism and the necessary controls.

To avoid contamination, cleanrooms must adhere to stringent regulatory criteria. While coveralls and other protective clothing are employed to keep outside contaminants out of a cleanroom, this is not always sufficient.Air Shower Room-Why the Market Price Varies Greatly

Contaminants are quickly transmitted by people and objects, and a spec of lint or debris can cause problems in certain cleanroom situations. As a result, cleanroom air showers have become important to the cleanliness of cleanrooms and other clean-critical environments.

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