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The Air Shower Room Is A Multifunctional Partial Purification Device

The automatic control system of air shower room is mainly used for active control of air shower, cargo shower and air shower. It can actively complete the interlocking and unlocking of the inner and outer doors; start and stop lighting; actively sense the human body and fan start and stop. The product has relevant voice prompts during the active process, sensitive features such as air shower time, front and rear door unlocking delay time, and dimmable light delay time.How to Clean the Surface of 304 Stainless Steel Air Shower Room

The Air Shower Room Is A Multifunctional Partial Purification Device

The air shower room is a way for employees to enter clean and non-clean rooms. Through the air shower room door, a large amount of dust particles are removed from people or goods entering and leaving the clean room to ensure clean room. Then, how to choose the air shower room door has become a difficult choice for companies; choose a good quality air shower room, if you choose to buy a room, you need to calculate carefully, but also pay attention to the purchase of air shower room door, the use of wind shower door can better play its quality.Air Shower Room-Why the Market Price Varies Greatly


Air shower room is a multi-functional partial purification device, installed between clean and non-clean rooms. When people and goods enter the clean area, they need to be blown through the air shower. The clean air blown removes dust from people and goods, effectively blocking or reducing dust from entering the clean area. The front and back doors of the air shower door are electronically interlocked and also act as air locks to prevent unpurified air from entering the clean area.Cleanroom: How It Differs


The air shower room consists of a multi-wing forward low noise fan. Air in the air shower door is drawn through the pre-filter into the static pressure chamber and then squeezed out through the air filter. Cleaned and purified air is ejected at high speed from the left and right sides of the box, and dust is blown away from the human body. The air is then drawn through the fan into the pre-filter and blown out of the nozzle through the filter. This cycle achieves the purpose of dust removal.How to Choose Your Air Shower Room

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