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How Can You Certify Your Cleanroom Classification?

If you’re ready to get your cleanroom classification, there are a few steps you can follow.


1、Determine your cleanroom size and the number of areas that need to have their particles measured.

Depending on the size of your cleanroom and entry and exit locations, you will need to measure your cleanroom’s particle size and count in different areas. Your particle counter can help with this determination.Pharmacy Cleanroom

2、Determine what level of cleanliness you need for your desired classification.

This will help you figure out what size and concentration of particles you need to achieve to secure your classification. Make sure your particle counter can correctly and accurately measure particles in the size and concentration you need.Microelectronics Cleanroom

3、Measure the required areas.

When going through your annual or semi-annual testing to verify your cleanroom classification, we recommend conducting 4 tests. While the Non-Viable Particle Counting is the one that will determine how clean your cleanroom is, all 4 tests give you valuable information for your classification and general cleanroom maintenance. The tests are:

Airflow Volume/Velocity Readings: This test makes sure the airflow is in the correct amount and direction.

HEPA Filter Integrity Testing: While not required by ISO standards, this test is often required by other organizations such as the FDA. This test makes sure there are no leaks in your HEPA filter.

Non-Viable Particle Counting: In this process, this is the most important test, as it tells you how many particles are in a certain area as well as what size they are. This is the test that will determine your classifications.

Room Pressurization Testing: This test verifies the desired room pressure is correct.Food Germ-Free Cleanroom

4、Take the averages.

Average the number and size of particles in each location. Then take your location averages and find their average, so you have the overall average size and number of particles for the cleanroom.Hospital Cleanroom

5、Find your cleanroom classification!

Use a particle counter that will automatically find the Upper Confidence Limit to determine where your statistically significant particle size and number. Then determine which ISO classification you fall under.Printing Packaging Cleanroom

Let Us Help You Keep Your Cleanroom Clean!

What industry are you in? How clean does your cleanroom need to be? What’s your ideal cleanroom classification?

Whatever your ideal is, we know we can get you there.Blow Molding Film Cleanroom

As the world’s clean air experts and industry leaders, we are always putting our best foot forward when it comes to optimizing your cleanroom and preventing yield loss. 

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