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Key Points Of Air Shower Room Maintenance

Strictly speaking, the air shower room is also a kind of purification equipment, is generally installed in the entrance of the clean room, is generally to enter the clean area of the staff of the wind dust purification, but we need to pay attention to is due to the number of times the door is opened and closed, the use rate is high, in order to ensure the application of air shower equipment, how do we carry out air shower room maintenance?Cleanroom: How It Differs

Key Points Of Air Shower Room Maintenance

Air shower room maintenance nine major points:

1, the regular use of instruments to determine the technical indicators of the equipment, such as technical parameters do not meet the requirements should be dealt with in a timely manner.

2, according to the actual use of the situation, regularly take down the filter media in the primary air filter cleaning.How to Choose Your Air Shower Room

3、When the wind speed is found to be small, the surface of the primary air filter should be checked first to see if it is black, if it is black, it means that the pre-filter has more dust capacity and the resistance increases, that is, the non-woven fabric in the primary air filter should be removed for cleaning or be replaced.

4、When the non-woven fabric is replaced or cleaned, it still cannot improve the air speed, it means that the air filter is blocked and the resistance increases, then the air filter should be replaced.Double Person Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench

5、To replace the filter, remove the spray ball plate, take out the filter, and replace the new air filter according to the specification of the original filter. The arrow mark on the filter should be confirmed during installation, and the arrow should point to the direction of airflow. And ensure that the seal is good to prevent leakage.

6、After the filter is replaced, it should be confirmed that there is no leakage in the frame and tested with dust particle counter, and it can work normally only after reaching the technical index.How to Clean the Surface of 304 Stainless Steel Air Shower Room

7、Regularly overhaul the electrical wiring, if there is a fault, refer to the electrical schematic diagram for maintenance.

8、Regularly enclose the door so that the electronic lock is aligned with its lock hole to avoid locking pin jamming.Cleanroom Air Shower Price Cheap Factory direct sales

9, the use of this equipment temperature shall not exceed 50 ℃, and the use of open flame is strictly prohibited.

Through the above introduction, everyone for the maintenance of the air shower room should have understood it, the air shower room filtration effect directly affects the production of products, so it should not be ignored.Cleanroom Air Shower and Pass-through Box

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