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The Correct Use Of Hospital Pass Box

A pass box is a passage for transferring goods between areas with different cleanliness, and it is set up between rooms with different cleanliness to prevent the airflow between indoor and outdoor when the goods pass through to prevent cross-contaminated air from entering the clean area. Normally, the pass box is closed.Air Shower Maintenance Precautions

The Correct Use Of Hospital Pass Box

The pass box is a new type of clean pass box. After coarse filtration, the air is pressed into the static pressure box by a low-noise centrifugal fan, and then passes through the high-efficiency filter. After pressure equalization, the air passes through the working area with uniform air speed, creating a high clean working environment. The air outlet surface can also be replaced by a nozzle to increase the air speed to meet the requirement of blowing away the dust on the surface of the object.Notes On The Use And Operation Of Pass Box

Passing windows are very commonly used in hospital sterile supply centers. Because hospitals place a high value on perception, more and more endoscopy centers are using transmissive windows as a means to improve sensory control in new construction or renovations. In the design and planning stage of endoscopy centers, the flow direction of reflecting mirrors is planned by rationalizing the location of treatment and sterilization rooms, and using pass boxs as a channel for transferring mirrors between diagnoses and treatment and sterilization rooms. Dust-free Clean Room Modular Cleanroom with Free Design Supplier

Hospital pass box is divided into three categories: electronic interlock pass box, mechanical interlock pass box, self-cleaning pass box, and a new automatic pass box, voice intercom pass box. Window doors are opened and closed by electronic interlock, mechanical interlock, the pass box is equipped with ultraviolet sterilization lamp, self-cleaning pass box is equipped with high-efficiency air filters, fans and other purification devices, pass box, special specifications can also be provided by the user to make.Cleanroom Air Shower and Pass-through Box

The correct use of hospital pass box

1. The two doors of the pass box are placed in the closed state, and the pass box with electrical lighting system, first plug in the power supply and connect the 220V/50Hz power supply.

2. If you need to sterilize the pass box, you can turn on the power switch of the UV sterilization lamp, and the UV sterilization lamp will light up at this time, and sterilization will be carried out according to the regulations.

3. Open the door of one side of the pass box, then the door of the other side will be automatically locked, so when passing the goods, first open the door of the pass box, put the goods to be passed into the pass box, then close the door of the pass box, then the door of the other side of the pass box can be opened to realize the passing of goods. Similarly, the person who takes the goods will take away the goods, should also immediately close the door of the pass box, so as not to affect the next delivery of goods.

Through the above introduction, I believe you have a deeper understanding of the pass box, any questions, please feel free to consult!

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