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Advantageous Features Of Air Shower

Nowadays, the application of air shower is more and more, the air purification degree has certain requirements of enterprises, such as electronic factories, pharmaceutical factories, food factories and other enterprises with more, but mention the air shower may still have most people do not know what are the advantages and characteristics of the air shower? The following Kwang purification for you to briefly explain.Function And Advantages Of Air Shower


Air Shower Advantageous 1. Humanized operation

Humanized control panel design, clear indicator light indication, give the user clear and correct air shower process instructions. Soft key touch time relay, LED display and set the blowing time, the range in 10-99s adjustable, the user can adjust the blowing time according to the difference of the external environment of the air shower.

Air Shower Advantageous 2. Automatic control

The system adopts PLC intelligent control means, the LED display on the control panel can correctly display the running state of the air shower, the interlocking state of the double doors, the progress of the air shower cycle and the delayed opening state. And with photoelectric sensor, one-way channel air shower, from the non-clean area to enter, after closing the door infrared induction someone on the blowing shower, blowing shower after the entrance lock, only from the door out of the air shower.Working Principle Of The Air Shower

Air Shower Advantageous 3. Modular structure

The air shower box adopts modular design scheme, which can be assembled into various lengths of air shower sizes according to actual needs. An air shower is composed of one or more sections of air shower units, and for large volume of air shower equipment, it can be divided into multiple modules, making production, transportation and installation particularly convenient and quick.

Air Shower Advantageous 4. High performance, high sealing

The use of imported electronic components, stable and reliable operation performance, advanced noise reduction and silent device system and the use of EVA sealing materials, airtight performance is high.Air Shower Safety Instructions

Air Shower Advantageous 5. High cleanliness, high air speed

No partition low resistance high efficiency filter, filtration efficiency: 99.99%, to ensure the purification level. With all stainless steel multi-angle adjustable nozzle, double vortex shell outer rotor large air volume low noise fan, nozzle outlet wind speed up to 25m/s or more, blowing to the human body wind speed of 18m/s or more.

The above five points are the advantageous features of the air shower, want to know more about the air shower concern us Kwang purification, Kwang professional production of various air shower purification equipment, if you need, welcome to consult!

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