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Function And Advantages Of Air Shower

Whether the goal is high semiconductor yields or a flawless paint finish, controlled environments are integral to manufacturing processes. Air showers are vital to maintaining the clean environment; they help protect operations from the constant threat of air particulate contamination. Semiconductor, medical device, bio-tech, microelectronic, optics, pharmaceutical, aerospace, nanotechnology, and automotive industries require contaminant-free environments and use air showers as part of their operations.

Function And Advantages Of Air Shower

Air showers quickly and effectively remove particulate that would otherwise be carried into the cleanroom; high air-flow volume combined with high nozzle velocity provide the power and force necessary for optimal operation. 

Air showers are self-contained air recirculation systems installed at entrances to cleanrooms and other controlled environments. Because people and products are the main sources of cleanroom contamination, these cleanroom entry systems quickly and efficiently remove particulate contaminants from workers or products before they enter a clean space. 

Air showers blow high-velocity jets of HEPA-filtered air to remove loose particles from people and products before they enter a cleanroom. This decontamination process means cleaner air enters the cleanroom, reducing product defects and increasing production yields. 

Additional advantages include longer-lasting cleanroom HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters because contaminant loads are lower. Without the pre-cleaning air showers provide, the main cleanroom air filtration system would absorb the entire contamination load, which increases energy consumption and maintenance costs. 

Decontamination air showers are usually used for cleaning gowned personnel before entering a clean environment. But they also are used to remove particulates as workers leave hazardous work areas before going out into the general public. Further, an exit decontamination air shower can prevent cross-contamination when moving from one work space to another. 

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