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Air Shower Safety Instructions

The air shower is setup clean passageway; it is used for blowing off dust, which is attached with person body and vehicle. Also it is used as air lock, it can protect unpurifying air into cleaning zone.What are the safety instructions for the air shower?

Air Shower Safety Instructions

1. Keep air shower area clean. Do not store any flammable material inside air shower. 

2. Use safety glasses: All personnel should wear safety glasses to protect their eyes from any possible flying debris. 

3. Do not lean any part of the body against an air nozzle. 

4. Do not abuse equipment: Do not force doors open when locked, or try and obstruct air passages (return air grilles, air nozzles, dampers, etc.) Abuse of the equipment may cause damage and possible injury to occupants. 

5. Check for damaged parts: Using this equipment in a disrepaired state could result in inju- ry to personnel. 

6. High voltage warning: Do not attempt to service any electrical parts without first turning disconnect switch to off position and locking out disconnect switch. 

7. Replacement parts: When servicing, use only identical replacement parts. 

8. Automatic doors: Stand clear of door ways when equipment is being operated to insure personnel are not injured by opening or closing doors. 

9. Maintain a minimum of 1" clearance from any furnace or heating device. 

10. Do not introduce any liquids into the air circulating system.

I think now you should have a certain understanding of the air shower room safety instructions, If you are also willing to buy our supreme-quality Air Shower Room or any other cleanroom equipment, contact Kwang’s professional team and invest in the most reliable product.

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