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Biotech Cleanroom Facilities

Kwang Purification is a leader in innovative turnkey cleanroom delivery, including: cleanroom planning, biotech cleanroom design biotech cleanroom construction and biotech cleanroom certification. Kwang turnkey offering covers the entire cleanroom implementation process, from concept to certification. With extensive cross-market industry knowledge, we deliver high-performing modular biopharmaceutical cleanroom environments that enhance your business results.Vaccine Manufacturing Facilities And Cleanrooms

cGMP compliant validated cleanrooms for Biotech and Pharmaceutical clients. Cautions When You Use The Air Shower

Built to the highest level of bio-contamination control, our biotech cleanrooms are able to be used as pilot plants and then converted directly into production suites, with no change in the facility itself. All materials used in construction are the industry finest in bio-contamination control and compliance to the highest standards. Our cGMP compliant validated biotech cleanrooms are delivered by our in-house engineering, design and construction management staff, ensuring your biotech cleanroom is delivered to meet cost, schedule and operational requirements. We guarantee that our cleanrooms meet your project requirements and exceed your expectations for quality and service.How is a Cleanroom Panel Made

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