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How To Choose A Cheap Air Shower

Air showers are commonly used for people entering high cleanliness areas in food factories, using strong clean air, which is sprayed onto people from all directions by rotating nozzles, effectively and quickly removing debris (dust, hair, hair dander etc.) attached to the human body and work clothes, which reduces the pollution problems caused by people entering and leaving high cleanliness areas. The two doors of the air shower are electronically interlocked and can act as an airlock room to prevent outside pollution and unpurified air from entering the clean area.

How To Choose A Cheap Air Shower

Selection of air shower equipment

1, Air shower size

Single air shower rooms, double air shower rooms, multiple air shower rooms and air shower channels etc. should be selected to suit the enterprise. The size of the air shower can be chosen according to the total number of people in the workshop and the time spent in the factory each shift.

2, Blowing methods

Single blowing air shower, double blowing air shower, three blowing air shower.

3, Material of the air shower

There are three main types of air shower: cold rolled steel plate with multi-layer pickling and electrostatic spraying, cold plate outside and stainless steel inside, and full stainless steel.

Stainless steel material resistance to strong acid and alkali degree stronger point, such as the use of the site is more humid or acid and alkaline gas, then we should choose the full stainless steel air shower, the food industry preferred stainless steel material.

As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for", if you put the need for a low price in the first place, then the requirements in terms of material and configuration may have to be relaxed a little. Currently on the market we commonly see air showers made of stainless steel, cold plates and purification plates, of which the price is relatively low. 

However, nowadays, the majority of people do not choose to use johkasou air showers anymore, as they have a relatively short life span and are only used by small and micro enterprises with up to 15 people. A little more cost-effective than its external cold plate, stainless steel air shower, consider the price factor, you can choose a lower configuration, such as automatic sliding doors to manual sliding doors, the size of the air shower selection and the choice of control system.

In general, the price in the first place when the purification board air shower is cheap, but from the cost performance, stainless steel air shower is better.

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