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How Much Is An Air Shower

How much is the air shower, how much is an air shower, how much is the price of the air shower, the price of the air shower is actually a more general question, the general user is more concerned about this issue, our sales staff receive calls every day, the guests first asked how much is a single air shower? How much is an air shower for two people? How much is a stainless steel air shower? These questions, if you encounter irresponsible sales staff may casually say a sentence with you 4000 yuan, 6000 yuan, 8000 yuan, ...

How Much Is An Air Shower

But the next time if you find him again may say 7000 yuan, 13000 yuan ... What about this?

So we refuse to give a verbal quote, we must give the customer a written quote.

Kwang company requires sales staff: in the case of receiving the user demand must ask clearly the air shower material, installation location, is the whole machine delivery or site installation, after understanding the real needs of the user, we can give you an accurate price of the air shower, the purpose is to better serve the customer.

Understand the premise of the installation of the air shower.

1, the user has determined a good equipment installation location.

2, the user has installed 380V three-phase five-wire power supply in place, and the power supply power is greater than the power of the equipment (equipment outside the line length of 2 meters).

3, the user provides a suitable size of the air shower installation space.

4, the ground where the user places the air shower has reached the basic level, and the ground level tolerance is ±3mm.

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