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Combination Of Air Shower Use

The use of air showers is already a common phenomenon in food businesses, with employees in clean areas needing to go through an air shower before they can enter a clean workshop. The role of the air shower, as the name suggests, is to play a buffering role, separating the clean area from the non-clean area, with the front and rear doors interlocking, playing the role of an airlock buffer. In recent years, national food safety supervision has been greatly enhanced, and more and more food companies are focusing on their own food safety, while the air shower, as a necessary access to the clean area, has also combined a variety of patterns.

Combination Of Air Shower Use

So, how to control the clean area of the secondary pollution of it? Most food companies install air showers in this way, i.e. air showers + off-duty doors, and the use of such air showers is the most common.

Another air shower combination, automatic induction hand disinfector and air shower linkage, that is, after the staff hand disinfection, the door of the air shower open, the staff into the air shower for blowing shower. This combination can be more effective in increasing staff awareness of hand disinfection, as most employees in clean areas will have direct or indirect hand contact with food, and if the correct hand washing process is not carried out, it is easy to contaminate the food with hand bacteria, causing food colonies, E. coli etc. to exceed the standard and even produce mould.

What other new tricks can be played with the use of air showers?

Air Shower With Sole Cleaning System, the air shower + shoe cleaner + hand sanitiser is used, a combination of three types of equipment to minimise the chances of staff bringing microorganisms into the workshop. In the first step, employees stand on the sole cleaning machine to clean and disinfect the soles of their shoes; in the second step, employees stand in the suction-drying area of the sole cleaning machine to disinfect their hands; in the third step, after hand disinfection, the front door of the air-shower room opens and blowing is carried out; finally, when the air-shower time is up, the back door of the air-shower room opens and employees enter the clean workshop.

Combination Of Air Shower Use

Food factory work shoes are generally rubber soles, and the cleaning and disinfection of soles can also be ignored by many food factories. Normally, when entering a clean area, it is usually necessary to change shoes first and then change clothes and then hand decontamination. The soles of the work shoes worn by employees will be found through a large number of microbial smear tests: employees will be stained with dust from the ground during our dressing and walking process, and the soles will carry a large number of colonies, E. coli and even mould, etc. If the soles are not cleaned and disinfected, then secondary contamination will occur as employees enter the clean workshop.

This combination of air shower + sole cleaning machine + automatic induction hand disinfector can greatly reduce the risk of secondary food contamination and thus more effectively ensure food safety.

This combination of air shower + shoe cleaner + automatic induction hand disinfector allows everyone to purchase their food with greater confidence.

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